At McKinley Management, LLC, teamwork is the core of our disciplined investment and research process. Our team members have the academic training, rigorous experience, and professional pedigree to provide our clients with customized and diversified solutions to help meet their goals.

Management Team

Robert Gillam landscape

Robert A. Gillam, CFA

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Deborah Lamb, McKinley Management

Deborah Lamb, CFE, CSCP, CIFD

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Ken Lenhart, McKinley Management

Kenneth P. Lenhart

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Stacia Gillam landscape

Stacia Gillam

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Ian Walser, McKinley Management

Ian Walser, CPA

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Jill McLeod, McKinley Management

Jill McLeod

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Copy of John Reynolds, McKinley Capital-2

John Reynolds

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Investment Team

Forrest Badgley 8, McKinley Capital

Forrest Badgley, CFA

Eli Kraukalis 3, McKinley Capital

Elias Krauklis

Martino Boffa 3, McKinley Capital-2

Martino Boffa, CFA

Grant McGregor, McKinley Capital 2

Grant McGregor

Brandon Rinner, McKinley Capital

Brandon Rinner, CFA

Claudia Jackson 3, McKinley Capital

Claudia Jackson

Sean Anderson 3, McKinley Capital

Sean Anderson

John Guerard McKinley Capital-2

John Guerard Jr., Ph.D.

Operations Team

Copy of Adam Fagan 8, McKinley Management

Adam Fagan

Copy of Andrew Dahlin 33, McKinley Managemen

Andrew Dahlin

Copy of David Burdick, McKinley Capital 2

David Burdick

Technology Team

Jason Christy 3, McKinley Management

Jason Christy

Goran Jordanov 9, McKinley Management

Goran Jordanov