McKinley Capital Management, LLC is a systematic global asset manager with over 30 years experience using the convergence of quantitative and qualitative methodologies to identify fast-growing opportunities in global equities. McKinley Capital is now owned by Denali Advisors, LLC.


McKinley Capital is a systematic global asset manager for clients who seek diversification, customization, or deep analysis of their investments. We offer portfolios across geographies including Global, U.S., Non-U.S., and Emerging Markets regions, as well as thematic, quantitative-style and unconstrained strategies

McKinley Capital is a four-time winner (2023, 2022, 2021, 2020) of the Best Places to Work in Money Management award from Pensions and Investments® magazine.

McKinley Management, LLC is a privately held, Alaska-based firm providing world-class investment, lending, and research services from its Anchorage and Juneau offices. McKinley Management’s three business units McKinley Alaska Private Investment, LLCMcKinley Research Group, LLC, and McKinley Alaska Growth Capital work together to provide clients around the globe with multiple services and integrated solutions umbrellaed under one company. McKinley Capital Management, LLC is owned by Denali Advisors, LLC.